Fine Arts

Henna Design

Teacher: Parijata Jain

Learn about the beautiful tradition of Indian and Pakistani art of body painting in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Bring out your creative side and learn about beautiful flowing designs depicting nature. The teaching will be flexible to each students pace of learning. All natural products will be used with no chemicals.

This tradition of applying a natural product like Henna/Mehndi is taught in simple easy to learn steps. The course will cover: -Brief background about Henna/Mehndi application -Different types of Henna/Mehndi and how to make the application cones -The technique of holding the stencil to learn the right way to make clean designs and intricate shapes -How to use the right combination of shapes, create beautiful patterns and other useful Tips -There will be variety and opportunity to learn shapes from a basic flower, mango, peacock, modern shapes to intricate bridal designs in more advanced sessions. -After Henna/Mehndi care will also be shared


6-class session (1-hour class)- $120;
4-class session (1.5 hour class) - $120;
Walk-ins - $25/hour

Class Times:

Henna Design - Winter 2019 - Tuesday: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM


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