Terms and Conditions


Payment of Tuition reserves a student’s time each week and is essential for proper and full functioning of the Center. The total of administrative and operating costs of the Center, in addition to the instructor’s time is just as valuable as a student’s. It is important that all students pay the tuition prior to the start of lessons. Any class/lesson that a student does not attend without prior notice (24 Hrs.) will unfortunately be a forfeiture of that class/lesson. Our tuition is structured on a rolling, “month to month” basis and is due on the 29th, of each month, prior to the upcoming month. Student’s paying later than the 4th, of the month (after the 29th) will be charged a late fee of $15.


Typically there will be no pro-rating of a class as the tuition is calculated keeping holidays, breaks, and number of weeks in a month in mind. The Center reserves the right to pro-rate the Tuition for those students who go away for a prolonged holiday of more than 2 weeks.


Although most of the Center’s classes are on a rolling, month to month basis, all tuition must be renewed on the 29th of each month. In the event that a student wishes to discontinue lessons, you are required to notify the Founders of the Center in writing at, preferably before the 29th, of a month. Simply telling your instructor you are discontinuing will not be an accepted form of discontinuing lessons communication. Please note that a student will continue to accumulate monthly fee’s if their tuition is not up to date prior to/or after discontinuing.


There is a $40 dollar registration fee per student required upon registration to the Center on September 1st, of each year. Those registering between June 01 and August 31 will be charged a pro-rated amount.


The Center requires a minimum of 24-hour notice of cancellation for an absence to be excused. All lessons cancelled outside this 24-hour period will be considered a cancellation. If 24-hour notice has not been given, the lesson will be considered a “no show” and will unfortunately be forfeited and must still be paid for. For students in a monthly class, you will have the option of taking a make-up lesson, limited to no more than 2 (two) absent-related make-up lessons per year.


All instructor absences will be offered a make-up lesson. Tuition Credits will not be given for an instructor absence. This type of make-up lesson is not counted against a student as one of the 2 allowed make-up lessons per year.


The Center offers 2 (two) make-up lessons every year for students that were absent and gave a period of 24-hour notice or more of cancelation. Make-up lessons are not offered to students that canceled within a 24 hour period. Under no condition can make-up lessons be substituted for monthly tuition payments. For classes that are part of a session, no make-up classes will be offered.


All administrative issues such as registering for classes, changes in schedule of a class, tuition, or grievances must be made solely through the Center’s Founders and NOT through an instructor. Please direct all such issues to


The Center may be closed during inclement weather. A notice of the closure will be sent to all students via email, and posted on our Facebook page. All students note: There will be no refunds for absence to classes or classes cancelled due to inclement weather.


The Center for Arts and Wellness admission is on a rolling basis and lessons are taught through the summer. If a student goes on vacation for more than two weeks only during the summer months of July1st, through August 31st) the Center may allow for tuition payments to be pro-rated. Notice of an absence must be given (by the student) to both the teacher and the Center at least one week in advance in order for the tuition to be pro-rated. Under no condition can make-up lessons during the school year be substituted for tuition payments during the summer months.


The Center for Arts and Wellness is not responsible for items left at the Center or any lost or stolen articles. All students are asked to take care of their belongings. We have a Lost and Found bin in the closet in the Jasmine (large dance) room where students may look for their belongings.


It is the parent’s responsibility to accompany and watch their children at all times. The Center for Arts and Wellness is not responsible for accidents that occur or if a child is missing from the Center due to lack of parental guidance. In the event you are picking your child up, please come into the Center to pick up your child. Children will be advised to wait inside for their parents/guardians. Also, please refrain from negative comments about students, parents or other instructors while at the Center. We would like to maintain a positive environment at the Center. In the event of any untoward incident or to communicate issues about the above, please contact the Founders separately.