Teacher: Hema Iyengar

Bharatanatyam has its roots deep in Indian mysticism, legends and rituals, depicting achievements of heroes and Gods.

All the dances are structured around the nine rasas or emotions: lasya (happiness), krodha (anger), bhibasta (disgust), bhaya (fear), shoka (regret), viram (courage), karuna (compassion), adbhuta (surprise) and shanta (serenity). The dances differ from one another due to different ethnic reasons however, the hand movements or hasta mudra are the same for all the rasas.

In her classes, Hema introduces the beginner as well as those with prior training to her style of Bharatanatyam, starting with the mudras, (hand gestures), the adavus (steps with hand and foot movements), and then progressing to full length dances. Her students have performed at various shows and competitions.She actively trains students for arangetrams.

Classes are taught at various locations: Westborough and North Attleborough. Register for classes at any location after initial consultation with the Center.

What to bring:

Water, Notebook


Beginner Group lesson - $70/month for a one hour/week class;
Private/Semi Private lesson - $35/45 min;
Intermediate Group Lesson $80/month for 1 hour/week class; Senior Group lesson - $100/month

Class Times:


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