Annual Recital Show and Open House
Saturday, June 09 | 5:00 pm

The much anticipated event is finally here!
The CENTER FOR ARTS AND WELLNESS is launching its 1st Annual Show and Open House on June 9 at 5:00 pm at Placentino Elementary School in Holliston.

This promises to be a Gala Event that showcases the Center's Music, Dance, Fine Arts, Fitness, and Wellness streams. Never before have you seen so many talented practitioners, teachers, and students all under one roof, integrated together under a single theme!

Attendees will see performances by both Students and Teachers from each of our classes, all displaying a cornucopia of talent, expertise and creativity!

The event, with over 400 attendees from the Metrowest area will also feature Food Stalls, and Vendors supporting local small businesses. Attendees will get to see displays and sales of clothes, jewelry, arts and crafts, and learn about various business service

For inquiries or Sponsorship opportunities, call: (508) 614-9792

Tickets: $15 With Dinner, Online-In Advance Click Here

Tickets: $10 Online-In Advance Click Here